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Magnetically Activated and Guided Isotope Separation (“MAGIS”) is a new and efficient method for isotope separation that was developed by the foundation's Founder/Chairman Prof. Mark G. Raizen at The University of Texas at Austin.  MAGIS was inspired by James Clerk Maxwell's vision of a fantastic pointsman, whose quick hands guide different atoms along their tracks. MAGIS uses lasers to change the internal state of the atoms and their response to a magnetic field, a gentle flipping of a switch.  Desired isotopes are separated, using permanent magnets as a guiding track


Unlike the Calutron, which requires tremendous amounts of energy to maintain a powerful magnetic field with electromagnets, MAGIS consumes very little energy due to its use of low-powered lasers and permanent magnets.










MAGIS System (magnetically activated and guided isotope separation). Click on the image to view the system in action. Animation by Marianna Grenadier.

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