CANCER THERAPY:  We are using MAGIS technology to produce isotopes for targeted cancer therapy. Our efforts are currently focused on production of beta emitters, and in the future will include alpha emitters.  The combination of both therapy modalities holds great promise in treating metastatic cancers.

PREVENTION OF IRON DEFICIENCY:  More than 2 billion people around the world suffer from iron deficiency, and over 50% of all children, causing morbidity and even permanent damage.  Rare, stable isotopes of iron will be used to optimize bio-absorption of fortified food and beverages, thereby preventing iron deficiency. More generally, other mineral deficiencies will also be addressed.

DETECTION OF TOXIC HEAVY METALS: Contaminated water and food are the main cause of heavy metal poisoning, a public health crisis primarily for children that is often undetected. We will develop ultrasensitive tests for heavy metals, both in blood and in food and water, enabling mitigation and prevention.

EARLY DETECTION OF CANCER: (I) It is proven that isotope ratios of zinc, copper, and sulfur in blood are very sensitive to different types of cancer. We will use our methods for ultra-sensitive and scalable detection of isotope ratios for early-stage cancer detection with standard blood tests. (II) Others have demonstrated early detection of cancer by smell with trained dogs, but that is not a scalable solution. We will develop a quantum-limited electronic nose based on recent advances in nanoscience than can surpass the sensitivity of any dog. Cancer is a very treatable condition if it is caught  before it has time to metastasize, so early detection is life-saving.

INFECTIOUS DISEASE:  Biofilms cause the vast majority of chronic microbial infections and are a large and growing problem in healthcare. Annually, biofilm infections harm at least 17 million Americans, cause at least 550,000 American deaths, and cost the US healthcare system almost $100 billion. We are developing new anti-biofilm strategies based on electron-emitting radioisotopes that can be used to coat surfaces and can also be combined with targeting molecules, such as nanobodies, to treat infections. We will focus on pure electron emitters whose energy is sufficient to penetrate through biofilms yet low enough to have minimal effect on healthy tissue and negligible external radiation hazard. 

WATER FROM AIR: Water is essential to our life, but tap water is often unsafe to drink and bottled water is prohibitively expensive. In many places around the world, wells are running dry.   We have developed a patented process that can extract water from air at maximum efficiency, relying on recent advances in nanotechnology.  The water produced with this method would be absolutely pure, with complete removal of any chemical, bacterial, or heavy metal contaminants.