Dr. Steven Weinberg was a great physicist and Nobel laureate.  We were honored that he served on the Pointsman Foundation Advisory Board - he will be missed.

Board member, A. Douglas Stone, the deputy director of the Yale Quantum Institute is a principal investigator for a new, multi-institution research collaboration to explore wave properties and symmetries of new materials to bring major advances to wireless communications, biomedical research, laser technologies, energy research, and computing.

"Pointsman Advisory Board member Steven Weinberg awarded 2020 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physicst"  - Dr. Steven Weinberg's contributions in physics recognized with a $3M Breakthrough prize, we are honored to have him on the Pointsman Fdn Advisory Board;

"Let's Re-create Bell Labs!"  - Commentary and call to action by Prof. Mark Raizen published in Physics Today (October 2018)

Pointsman Foundation's efforts to develop MAGIS and 176Yb for cancer therapy covered in Physics Today


We are pleased to report that the Smart Family Foundation has provided its second generous grant to the Pointsman Foundation.


Prof. Mark Raizen's research group featured in President Fenves' University of Texas at Austin end of year letter

UT Austin 2015 End of Year Letter from President Fenves


Prof. Mark Raizen and the Pointsman Foundation featured at University of Texas System Congressional Reception

University of Texas System Congressional Reception Dec. 2, 2015


Keck Foundation’s Science and Engineering Research Grant Program to support the “Ultra-Bright Atom Laser” project led by Prof. Mark Raizen


Improved Method for Isotope Enrichment Could Secure a Vital Global Commodity


Mo-99 shortage may be a thing of the past


Laser Shines a New Light on Isotope Separation


Isotope Separation with a Light Touch